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David Aronson

Sharco Technologies


"Having a resource behind you to help put your name out there and to be able to present yourself in the right way - that's a huge thing."

Elias Benaim

Telesphere Solutions


"The support I would say is number one. You are dealing with an entire company that helps us to provide an entire solution for our customers."

Chad Libby & Steve Griffis

Federal Lock & Safe


"Meeting people face to face who build the product, sell the product, and support the product gives us confidence that we're going to have support."

Rena Allister

Certified Alarms


"You’re not skipped over. If you have something you're interested in, a specific question on anything, they take the time to fully answer your question and explain it to you. I really appreciate that a lot."

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“The level of support and confidence and knowledge of the product and prompt call return… that’s what intrigued us to say these guys have their stuff together and we want to work with them.”

Marty Fisher
- US Communications

“The warranty is great since we have become a certified dealer… we offer it to the customer and they love it. They know that they can trust that we are going to replace their equipment.”

Gregory Morris
- Sun Ray Technologies

“We have a lot of clients that aren’t necessarily up to date with technology… and they don’t have a problem working the Alibi systems – the are very user-friendly, they are easy to navigate.”

Stephany Pickening
- Sample Security & Investigation

“The folks you have here are more experienced, they know more of the product and they know more of the systems they are selling.”

Philip Hanna
- Hanna’s Enterprise

“For a system integrator Alibi is the way to go and I’ve tailored my business and the up product offerings for what we’re now selling to our customer's with the Alibi line and it’s been a blessing.”

Patrick Bramlett
- Gigaparts

“Trying to stay in front of our customer is the hardest thing… the email marketing is going to be a big thing for us.”

Paul Elkins
- Business Voice Data

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