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Alibi PowerLeads Local Digital Marketing Program

Businesses that offer services or products locally must establish a local presence online. There is no need to compete on a national level when targeting their local customer base. Alibi's custom marketing packages offer our dealers a focused, city-centric targeting strategy that delivers real and measurable results - guaranteed.

See below for what's included in our all-inclusive custom marketing packages


Our team of internet marketing professionals will prepare an organic foundation not only designed to convert, but also focused on outranking your competition.

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Responsive Site Design

The design is by far the most important factor when setting up your online foundation. We are experts in how to build beautiful, responsive websites, designed for maximum conversions.

High-Quality Website Content

Looking professional is great, but also sounding professional is even better. We make sure your business looks and sounds better than your competition, providing relevant, rich content for search engines and human beings.

On-Page Optimization

Our team makes sure the site structure, layout and technical side of your website is setup for optimal success. We setup titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, alt tags, and title tags to work in harmony with the high-quality content of your website.


We understand and practice what it takes to rank higher in search engines for searches. We know all the niche directories, niche backlinks, niche citations and we focus heavily on representing your business professionally.

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Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local Setup

Most internet marketing companies go to every extent to ensure you do not own your listings. We ensure your business is setup with your email address and optimized for your industry on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Local Citation Builder (Directory Listings)

A major strategy in ranking higher is inclusion in local directories to validate your location and industry your business is in. We not only place your business in hundreds of handpicked directories, we also place your business in the ones that have been proven to increase your Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local accounts.

Monthly Content Marketing Campaigns

Press Releases and Articles are some of the best high profile backlinks you can get for your business. Our team creates and optimizes monthly press releases and articles to drive referral traffic and create the best type of backlinks to increase your placement.

High Profile Backlinks

Our team not only obtains your traditional backlinks through articles and press releases, we also obtain high profile backlinks from high PR sites and Wiki pages to ensure you are outranking your competition.


SEO can take some time and while you are waiting, we are using alternative outlets to generate leads for your business quickly. Although only 20% of the local searches are clicking on Paid Links within Google, those are still clicks and with the right website, can easily be converted into customers. We setup a sponsor link campaign that is focusing only on clicks that search exactly what you offer, this way every potential customer is laser focused to your business. Sponsor Link traffic is included in all of our inbound marketing packages.

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Pay-Per-Click Without Paying Per Click

We include a monthly sponsor link campaign targeting exact searches. This means you are not charged per click as we use a set portion of your monthly spend and put it towards sponsor links. Our customers can increase this monthly spend at any time for an additional cost.

Professional PPC Campaign Setup

Our team is experts in PPC. This means we are experienced in setting up successful PPC campaigns that target your exact products and services and are ultra-concentrated searches. This increases conversions and drives actionable leads quickly.

Calls To Action That Truly Motivate Your Prospects

Research has shown that even a site with great visuals and offers is like a car without an engine if it doesn't have the right call to action. Ignited Local works hand in hand with you to get into your prospects' minds and discover the calls to action that will make the biggest difference.

Fully Targeted Campaigns Based On Your Major Keywords

Poor keyword selection can ruin a campaign. Because we are intimately involved in every step of your campaign, we understand what keywords will work for your business. We research and then focus all our attention on high converting keywords within your industry and locality.


Local Social Marketing is simply building a social base in your local market. Local business owners benefit more conversions from social media by focusing efforts locally. Re-tweeting, re-posting and publishing unique local content that local readers want is the key to success. Our team focuses on delivering cost effective strategies to ensure your business is part of the social media community.

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Setup of Facebook, Twitter and Google+

It is important to be setup right and with full owner rights. Our team will work with you to make sure you are the owner of your accounts and train you on access to those accounts.

Monthly Social Media Marketing

Our internet marketing experts will then begin a monthly marketing campaign that will include publishing blog posts linking to your blog in the right format and tags. We publish industry news and events that are specific to your business, promote your social media links and much, much more.

Fresh, Exciting Blog Posts

"Content is king" when it comes to modern SEO, and this is especially important in the social realm -- where everything you create could be shared thousands of times. Our informational, authoritative content builds your reputation as a credible expert.

Analytics For All Social Media

Our team is dedicated to providing the data you need to be sure that your investment works. Our tools will provide you with hard facts about your leads, likes, follows, and other key indicators of user engagement.


Our ROI tracking program helps you to uncover the truth about your marketing efforts. You can focus your attention on what works, cut out what doesn't, and save money by always knowing the difference.

Lead and conversion tracking are key to our approach, as is phone tracking and recording. Our prospect management system allows you to instantly see what's generating conversions in real time. You get full, 24-hour access to call reports, search rankings, website analytics, and leads.

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Complete Tracking And Recording For Local Calls

Drill down to the true value of your calls by tracking inbound calls and recording all calls for future reference. Customers consistently find great ways to improve using this unique data!

Comprehensive Website Lead Tracking

Our proprietary software provides real-time notifications for every email lead as soon as your website captures it. You can instantly send an email, create notes, or schedule a follow-up.


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